Teeth Whitening

Are you looking for a simple way to brighten your smile? Madison Avenue Dental offers professional teeth whitening in Greenwood, IN, for an affordable price. Cosmetic dental treatments such as professional teeth whitening can transform your smile in as little as one visit. Please don’t wait to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Contact our office today.

What Are the Benefits?

A bright, white smile boosts your confidence and helps you make a positive impression on others, whether personally or professionally. However, with tea, coffee, and other staining substances, teeth lose their natural shine and become discolored over time. Professional teeth whitening is the way to go if you want to restore your pearly whites.

  • Immediate and Dramatic Results: Professional teeth whitening services produce rapid and significant results that are hard to achieve using over-the-counter whitening products. These products may take months to show results; even then, they may not work as well as you had hoped. In contrast, a professional tooth whitening procedure can take just one hour and brighten your teeth by several shades, giving you an immediate boost in confidence and satisfaction.
  • Personalized and Safe Treatment: The professional tooth whitening process is customized to your unique dental needs, ensuring you receive the right safe and effective treatment. Dr. Savabi will examine your teeth and consider factors such as sensitivity, discoloration level, and other oral health conditions before determining the appropriate whitening method.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Professional teeth whitening procedures offer long-lasting whitening results that can last anywhere between six months to two years. This is significantly longer than the results obtained from over-the-counter products. This means you can enjoy a brighter, more beautiful smile for an extended time without worrying about frequent touch-ups.
  • Improved Oral Health: A professional teeth whitening treatment has numerous benefits for your oral health. Besides giving you a beautiful, bright smile, it also helps remove surface stains that can lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay. A beautiful smile can also motivate you to practice better oral hygiene to preserve your new and improved smile.
  • Boosts Your Confidence: A brighter, more beautiful smile can boost confidence and self-esteem. Whether for a job interview or a date night, an attractive smile can make you feel more comfortable and confident. You’ll no longer feel self-conscious about your teeth and be less likely to hide your smile behind your hands.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Take-home whitening consists of us taking impressions and making custom whitening trays. The patient can then whiten their teeth at home using prescription strength whitening gel. The amount of time to wear the trays will vary with the strength of the bleach – from 30 minutes to overnight.

This is Dr. Savabi’s favorite whitening option for several reasons:

  • Cost-effective | The custom trays are reusable, and you can buy bleach refills down the road.
  • Whiten at your own pace | If you have a special event, whiten for a few days before!
  • Less sensitivity | Because this concentration is lower than in-office whitening, there is less sensitivity.
  • Great results | At the end of the day, you will love your smile!

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office whitening consists of a patient being in the office for about two hours while we apply the whitening agent to their teeth. This gives the most immediate and dramatic results!

In-office whitening uses the most potent concentration of bleaching! You will get the results you want quickly and safely!

Internal Bleaching

After a root canal on an anterior tooth, you may notice discoloration as time goes on. Internal bleaching consists of in-office whitening inside the tooth to bring the natural color back! This is a great alternative to preserve the tooth and avoid a crown or veneer!

Teeth Whitening in Greenwood, IN

Call our office today to schedule a consultation if you’d like to start your teeth whitening journey. In addition to teeth whitening, we also offer cosmetic bonding in Greenwood, Indiana. We are your one-stop shop for all your family dentistry needs.

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