Emergency Dentistry

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. If you have suffered an accident and your teeth are damaged, you must take care of them immediately! Dr. Savabi, an emergency dentist in Greenwood, and his team at Madison Ave Dental are ready to help you.


When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

Many issues can qualify as a dental emergency. A dental emergency can involve severe pain or more apparent problems, such as a tooth being knocked out or broken. There are certain instances where you should call us immediately, including the following:

  • Severe Pain: We understand that sometimes people recognize tooth pain and decide to wait until the pain goes away or until their next scheduled appointment, which could be months away. This isn’t something we would recommend due to the possible worsening of the problem. If you are having pain, it indicates something isn’t right in your mouth, so please call us. It’s never fun having a toothache, but our emergency dental care is available to help. Our emergency team consists of friendly, experienced professionals ready to assess your situation quickly and advise on the best treatments for treating a toothache and restoring optimum oral health. The sooner you visit us, the better off your tooth – and your overall health – will be. 
  • Broken Tooth: Accidents sometimes result in a tooth being chipped, broken, or in severe cases, knocked out. When a broken tooth emergency arises, it’s best to turn to emergency dentistry for an effective and timely solution. Whether the breakage is minor or significant, we can help repair your tooth and restore function. Depending on the severity of the damage, various treatments may be necessary – from bonding, filling, and crowning to complete extraction and implantation. If a serious emergency occurs, call us, and we’ll be happy to take you through the steps needed to treat your broken tooth!
  • Knocked-Out Tooth: A knocked-out tooth emergency may seem like a terrible experience, but with the right emergency dentistry team on your side, we can get to the root of the problem quickly. If you are unfortunate enough to get a tooth knocked out, don’t panic! There are steps you can take quickly to save the tooth and keep damage from happening. First and foremost, collect the tooth carefully with clean hands. Remove any visible pieces of dirt with water or the edge of your shirt if necessary. Do not brush or scrub it; just rinse lightly. Then place the tooth in a cup of cold milk to protect it from drying out until you can see us. We may even be able to re-insert the tooth back into its original spot as long as it is kept moist and handled correctly. Our emergency team is here to provide immediate care in a safe and welcoming environment. Our emergency services can ensure that your knocked-out tooth is treated correctly. 
  • Red or Swollen Gums: If you have red or swollen gums, it is crucial to have them checked out by a dentist right away. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent further damage and discomfort. Our team of experienced professionals will take the necessary steps to identify the root cause of your condition and provide a personalized plan for achieving and maintaining optimal oral health. We understand how problematic it can be when your gum tissue appears unusual, and we are here to help you get back on track to feeling great.


Emergency Dentistry in Greenwood, Indiana

Some emergencies involve a quick procedure to save a tooth or relieve pain. Depending on your specific situation, we are here to do what is necessary and do all we can to help you feel better and preserve your dental health. 

Contact us if you need an emergency dentist in the Greenwood & Indianapolis, Indiana, area. We provide high-end dental care in a comfortable environment and have the best dentist and staff to meet your needs! Don’t suffer any further – contact us today for emergency dentistry!

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