TMJ & Mouthguards in Greenwood, IN

TMJ Disorders

Clenching and grinding your teeth will cause long term problems for your jaw and teeth. Side effects include:

  • Jaw pain & headaches
  • Limited opening of your mouth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Lock jaw
  • Chipped and worn-down teeth
  • Abfraction (wedges in your teeth at the gumline)

A custom made night guard (also called a splint) will help keep your jaw in its most ideal position. It will also help absorb the force and attrition from your habits. Unfortunately, we can’t stop you from clenching or grinding, but we can lessen the effects of it!

Sports Mouth Guards

When playing contact sports, it is critical that you wear a sports mouth guard! A chip could mean a filling; a fracture could mean a root canal & crown; and getting a tooth knocked out could mean an implant!

Custom fitted mouth guards are the most effective tool in preventing injury to your teeth during contact sports.

If you think you have TMJ in Greenwood, IN, or you need a mouth guard, call Madison Ave Dental today for an appointment.

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